Our Workshops

Discover the cooperage differently

Because a demonstration is worth more than a long speech...

Located in the center of Burgundy, Art du Tonneau offers you to discover the cooperage in a lively and friendly way.
This unique concept in France is ideal to animate all your events in an original way.
Our animations can be realized in our buildings in Vignoles or at the place of your choice.

The 3 stages of our workshops

Step n°1 :
The first part of our animation will allow you to learn about the history of cooperage from the time of the Gauls to the present day. We will show you how our barrels are made, from the choice of oak trees to the woodworking. You will discover the benefits of the barrel through the shaping of the staves and micro-oxygenation. We will explain to you why the barrel is a worldwide market that continues to exist.

Step n°2 :
After having given you a demonstration and the key points of the assembly, you will be initiated to the assembly of a Burgundian piece in teams of 3 to 5. The goal is to assemble a 228-liter barrel, set it up, tighten it, and roll it. Team cohesion must be there! Attention, the game can be timed and noted. You will leave with a souvenir photo.

Step n°3 :
After this team building, we will explain the toasting process and you will discover how the barrel is given its final shape. You will be able to understand the different cooking times and the aromas that will be diffused by the wood. You will be able to discover the partnership between the winemaker and the cooper on the marriage between the origin of the wood and the cooper's touch during the toasting process which will be complementary in the wine maturing process.

We will explain how we work the shell to accommodate the funds with a set-up demonstration. Then we will discuss the finishing and use of the barrel before answering your questions.

Our workshops can be adapted according to the program of each one. We can propose activities throughout the day or half-day during parties or events. For team building or company seminars, we can also prepare an Olympiad just for you!

Chardonnay Discovery

To complete your animation, we propose the option of the Chardonnay discovery.

Discover the difference in the taste of the same Chardonnay after two different vinifications and maturation. You will be surprised to discover all the contributions of the barrel to the wine.

Art du Tonneau c’est aussi :

Besides our animations, we train and give advice on the use of barrels for professionals. We offer a quality control of your barrel park. Thanks to our expertise, we can repair your barrels in our building but also at your place.