10L Barrel

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Lacquered oak barrel of 10 liters with tap and its support. 

This small French oak barrel is ideal for the elaboration of your spirits!

The wood used for this barrel is ideal for the maturation or the conservation of your wines, spirits (Cognac, Pineau, Armagnac, Vodka, Calvados, Ciders, ...), White Rum and arranged Rum. For the arranged Rum, it will bring vanilla aromas slightly smoked and will improve the ageing.

Finish :

Galvanized banding

Exterior varnish

Interior paraffin

Drilled with tap

Drilled with cork bung,

Support provided


Length : 36 cm

Tip diameter : 21 cm

Diameter moves: 26 cm

Weight : 5 kg

Precautions : You should expect a change in the taste of your liquid in the following months, even if the barrel is paraffined. It is difficult to define in advance the rate of woodiness and evaporation, everything depends on the place and time of storage of the barrel.

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Additional information

Weight 5,1 kg

Bois, Inox


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